🥩🔥Steak-Out Theme: Late Night Snacks

🙋‍♂️🙆‍♂️On the weekend we invited some guys over for after-hours steaks when the Eat Local kitchen closed for the night.
Jim Stadey
Derek Lankinen

Special Guests:
Sean David
Vince Mirabelli
Sean Irwin
Mackenzie Shaw
Salvatore Mollicola

🥩1st course was Venison
Sous vide for 6h, charred and served with butter and maldon salt. It is exciting what sous vide brings to traditionally tougher meats, not that any tenderloin is tough haha.


🥩2nd course was Tacos done with our platinum flank, marinated, sous vide for 4h at 131 degrees and blackened before slicing thin. Sean is a taco specialist, his sauces and that insane marinade really hammer home the perfect taco.

🥩3rd course was Tenderloin, we used our platinum tenderloins, pressed in Derek’s espresso steak rub then served in the pan as a snack. It was so good we are making it for lunch today.


🥩4th course was Local Wagyu from Sandy Acres Farm. We cooked it sous vide for 4h at 127.5 degrees and finished it with butter and rosemary. It was fantastic by the way.

🥩5th course was Striploin, we used our Platinum Striploin cooked sous vide for 4h at 129 degrees and finished on cast iron, then sliced over Big Lake Pasta casarecce with Cacio di Fossa cheese from The Cheese Encounter and a mushroom cream sauce.

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