The Perfect Platinum Tenderloin

Guide to the Perfect Platinum Tenderloin
3 levels of complexity!
👨‍🏫Science Steaks
👨‍🍳Super Steaks
🙋‍♂️Simple Steaks

👨‍🏫🥩(🔬Sous Vide) These babies were cooked sous vide for 4 hours at 127 degrees, then finished in cast iron enamel with a 50/50 mix of ghee and olive oil as the medium and salt/pepper on each side as I flipped them
I let them sit for the same time they were in the pan (9 min this time)

👨‍🍳🥩(🔥Reverse Sear)
Add some shallots and rosemary/thyme then put the steaks in the pan and place it in the oven at 250 degrees (300 if you are busy) and baste it until it’s the right internal temp. Then take out place the steak on the cooling rack while you heat up the pan. Once the pan is ready, place the steak in, you are just looking to get the right crust here as the steak is already cooked to the right internal temp.

🙋‍♂️🥩(🍳Sear) if Searing then finishing in the oven is not your jam and you are hungry now, take your steaks, pat them dry then salt and pepper them. Heat up your pan with oil or butter then add the steaks and cook on side one until you can see some blood coming through, then flip and repeat. Once you have blood coming through both sides you have roughly a medium rare steak which is tasty!

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