Smoked 36oz Cowboy Steak


This wildly flavorful cowboy steak was done up with our bud Sean David. As an avid outdoorsman, Sean is used to the best meats of Northwestern Ontario. After taking his interest in food to the next level at George Brown, Sean is known in our circle for his attention to detail and love of big flavours.

👨‍🏫For this steak we smoked it on the bbq outside low and slow at approx 220 degrees the then cranked the grill to 550 degrees to get a crust with some real flavour.

As per any steak you smoke, sous vide or reverse sear, a great rule of thumb is to let it rest for the amount of time you take to finish it. (The time on that white-hot direct heat to develop your crust)

Finished with some sea salt, some heartbeat hot sauce and a few beers, this was a great Steak-Out.

🏆🥩 36oz Platinum Cowboy Steak: $55
This steak is one of the main reasons we love beef. The Cowboy has a unique flavour/texture mix that lends well to almost any type of prep method but really shines over direct heat. The marbling in this cut not only serves to enhance the tenderness, but brings the flavour that has made the Ribeye/Prime Rib/Rib Steak/Cowboy an iconic delicacy for special occasions.

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