Rib Cap Tacos

🔥🥩Steak Out: Rib Cap Tacos

We have been watching a lot of Guga Foods and found out about the 🤴King of Steaks: the Rib Cap! Cut from the strip of meat alongside the fat cap of the prime rib, this is one expensive and opulent cut. We had to know if it was worth it.

The first thing we did was talk to Dave Maltese from Maltese Grocery. He set us up with the most beautiful rib cap to work with. No one at all knows more about beef than he does.

🌡We cooked it sous vide at 126 degrees for 6h
🔥Then grilled it at 550 degrees for 20 min

This meat… was insane. There isn’t a better cut to experience the perfect texture of beef from.
Everyone was grabbing pieces as we sliced it up, it was so hard to let it rest! With blackened corn, pickled onions and a bunch of other toppings and sauces, it made some of the best tacos we have ever had.

👨‍🏫100% is worth trying.
Might be a bit too expensive for regular meals, but wow if that is not a great way to celebrate the elite of beef!

We will definitely be looking into sourcing it in the future!

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